The Grey Area of Blogging

Is this a grey area? I’m hoping to use this blog as an outlet, posting recipes and the like – AND also as an opportunity to have doors open where I can experience new things. But is there space for someone like me that doesn’t have a specific niche in this crazy food world? I don’t believe in performance for the sake of performing. I do believe in working hard and letting my values guide me. I believe in the power of food. I believe in the power of equitable access to delicious food. Is it possible to be generic – I’ve been watching Greys Anatomy and am likening this dilemma to being a general surgeon (based off of the show – no real life surgeon experience!!). When you’re interested in options and being great at many things, is there space for someone like me in the food world?

Here’s a picture of some bomb ass rice I made the other day. Rice is a supreme comfort food of mine as it reminds me of home, and my moms cooking. ❤️


Why Empty Plate?

Long ago, my mom would ship my little sister and I off to my grandparents house in Brooklyn to spend a couple of weeks of “quality time” with them. I am first-generation Haitian, so this meant multiple weeks of very strict rules in a house with no cable tv, no friends to play with, AND lots of delicious homemade food cooked by my grandmother Madeleine.

Anytime we were served food, be it a bowl of cereal, a sandwich for lunch, or the most elaborate Haitian dish of legume (stewed vegetables with meat) and rice, we knew it was time to dig in when Grandma would say the words “I want to see your plate empty!”. (This phrase was also used a “gentle” nudge if we didn’t finish our food in a timely matter)

I look back on those days of Grandma pushing us to eat and recognize that it was her way of communicating love to those around her. On the flip side – an empty dish communicated a clear sign of respect for the food and the hands that made the meal.

Grandma – I hope this blog does your hard work of nourishing us with sustenance and love some sort of justice!

haitian flag