About Me

Hey, hi, hello! My name is Claudine and I live in Hartford, CT. I have been scheming on launching this blog for many years, so I’m really excited to get this off the ground! While I don’t have a formal culinary background, I have years of experience in the food justice, equity, and the home chef world. The title of this blog is an exact quote from my Haitian grandmother – as food was (and still is!) the gateway to living a happy life.  I am first generation Haitian, and have had the privilege to grow up in a world exposed to multiple kinds of cuisine and cooking styles!

I love to eat (obvz), cook, laugh, sleep, and travel. I fundamentally believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to eat delicious food, free from systemic oppression. My professional work is rooted in dismantling systemic racism, through food and health. My personal compass is exactly the same.

I hope you find whatever brought you to this page, be it a quick recipe, laughter, or some comfort!

vegas baby
Vegas, baby! 2016